I am an HR Director

Time-consuming HR procedures are nowadays expected to be transformed digital by most companies. Digital transformation also requires process re-engineering, mostly as part of an organisation development process.


Occupatos is a GDPR compliant software product to support HR digital transformation. It can make your client's processes more effective, while it generates new market opportunities, new revenue streams for you, as well as providing market advantage.

Implementation of the system is recommended to be supported by organisational development consultancy services. Therefore, if you combine Occupatos implementation to your organisational development service, this also means additional revenue received from Occupatos subscription sold as part of your project.

HR Digitalisation

The system supports administration and recording of employee data, compilation of compliant (regulatory and corporate level) work descriptions, and dynamically follows the employee's position within the chíanging structure of the organisation.

If required, we provide support to transfer information stored in an existing HR system.

Occupatos is recommended for organisation development consultants who would like to participate and benefit from digital transformation of HR operations and have competitive advantage to outperform competitors.


Organigrams and project structures are graphically generated from employee data and work descriptions. The system provides dynamic visualisation,using up to date employee data to build actual organisation hierarchy.

Performance Review

Performance review of a company, a division or a particular project. The 360 degree evaluation and the secure external evaluation provides an opportunity for all stakeholder to have a uniform and transparent reivew process. The system enables to create the competence and KPI system of the company and use these to create work descriptions, during the performance review process and to compile instructions.The system effectively supports the work of HR professionals.

Organisational Development

We are aware that automating HR activities is not an easy task. Being our organisational development partner can generate performance review forms, can assess and create the competence map and build KPI structure of the company. After implementation and initial training your client needs to operate the system, but can always turn to you for expert advice. You can generate revenue from the assessment procedure and tailor the software for your client, as well as from the continuous subscription fee of the software.

Software support of organisation development projects.
Digitalised employee data,evaluation and analysis.
Financial benefits for HR partners: revenue stream from implementation and the subscription fees
High availability High data security No IT operational cost.